The Best Work From Home Jobs That Pay Extremely Well!

So you are looking for work from home jobs and how to make more money?

You have landed at the right place!

Because today in this article I will tell you how you can make money by working from the comfort of your home doing legitimate jobs that pay really well.

And these are the list of jobs that anyone can do from single moms, students, seniors, kids, retirees, teachers, etc Anybody!

So without taking much time in the introduction, let's get right into it!

Work From Home Jobs

Why I'm writing this?

Because I know when I was the one at that place when I was also searching on places and was looking for legitimate work from home jobs and I wish I could find something like this.

I have tried a lot of different jobs and I know it is a very stressful situation when you are behind on your bills.

And in this desperation of an opportunity of actual good work that can pay you income month after month.

So whatever you will read in this article will be really helpful and will land you somewhere good.

Keep in mind that, some of the items in the list may cost you some initially to start but at least you get in the right direction instead of filling a survey scam.

Now let's start:

The Best Work From Home Jobs

Here I'm not gonna tell you anything that does not work rather these are the things that can make you millions in the coming years.

And just for now think about this:

If you were looking for remote job work or temporary customer service hiring under an employer then I say for how much time you can do that?

You are basically selling your time for money and you have got only limited time in your hands.
So you have got limited earnings, isn't it?

Here in this list, I may add a few legit full-time works here-n-there.

But I highly want you to think about how you can make money and at the same time build a long term sustainable income source.

Something that can support you after you have put in the work.

Sounds good, here is the list:

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1. CPA Marketing

Work from home jobs

Now, if you are totally new to earning money online and haven't made any yet. Don't get too overwhelmed by the terms or do not say I'm not a techie.

It is a type of marketing that is not very common to a lot but it is the easiest thing you can do by working from home!

CPA stands for Cost Per Action Marketing.

So there are a lot of businesses out there that will literally pay you money for generating leads.
You get paid whenever you generate a lead to their business.

Just to explain a little as it is a very vast topic to get into.

But look at this way,

If you can generate a lead in the form of like:

A survey filled or an app download or an actual sale or any action to their business from normal people then you get paid directly!

Now you be thinking, how much I'm gonna make?

The companies pay you around $2 to anywhere from $2000[per lead] just by generating a lead to their business.

So for example, if you get an offer from a company that will pay you 100$ per lead from a free trial of a product from anyone. And you get them just 10 customers in a day.

That's like 1000$ per day!

Earning Potential= 5- 8 Figures per year!

Initially Required= Minimum $2000

2. Freelance Writing

Work from home jobs

A freelancer is someone that people can pay money and get their writing work done.

Now freelancing can be done in many ways.

I just put freelancing, as writing can be done by anyone.

So if you right now want to do a home-based virtual job that is profitable that requires no start-up fee, this is the way to go!

You can go to Fiverr or Upwork and get your profile set up and just start to accept anything that the client wants as writing.

Just start to write and even work for cheap initially so that you can get some credibility on the platform.

I have seen people making $60 or even more per hour and making a killing out of freelance writing.
This can be done by anyone from home!

The Bigger Picture?

Once after some time that you are finding work then you can hire a team of writers or build your small team of writers that can write stuff on monthly payments.

You will be the one that is just on top looking as everything working fine and get your whole business on autopilot.

And continue to focus on building other work from home jobs that land you paying really well in the future.

Earning Potenital= 7 figures per year

Initially Required= Zero

3. Social Media Manager

Work from home jobs

A social media manager is someone who manages social media accounts of other businesses, companies, and other YouTube influencers.

And businesses actually pay really good as nowadays it is vitally very important for each and every business to be online.

You can send a DM to any company and just talk with them that you will handle their social handles.

So let's say you messaged a company that posts motivational images on their social media.

So if you can post that for them and save them time, they will be willing you to give 30$ per hour.

Posting pictures on social media is the simplest thing and something that anyone can do.

Just look, if you are really broke or in serious need then I suggest that you work this out but my number one priority from you will still be like.

You do some side hustle or work on an hourly basis and then fund that money in building something that can support you down the road.

And this is what I exactly did!

The Bigger Picture?

You can start this realistically from today and it can land you to stable a little bit.

You can start to approach different FB pages and twitter accounts and talk to them.

You can expect anywhere from:

Earning Potential= 4-5 Figures per year

Initially Required= Zero

4. Graphic Designer

Work from home jobs

Work from home jobs
Not a very good example of GD tho!

Now I do not mean that you need to design a tattoo or some complex graphics or something along those lines.

As same in the previous point of you approaching companies to post pictures on their behalf.

Graphic designing can be something like designing an infographic or a thumbnail for youtube or a pic for anyone.

There are a lot of people that work on Pinterest and they are always in need of people that can make good looking images.

And no it doesn't require you to be technical and do and learn complex photoshop skills or understanding complex software. No!

You can simply go on canva and just within 1 hour try to make different pictures and just get your hands clear in making images.

I have also done this in the past and then look for people on Pinterest with a big following and leave them a message that you can create images for them or logo.

How much I can make and the bigger picture?

You can expect anywhere around $60 per image to $1000+ infographic in a day.

And once you have made a few pictures and get the skill of it, you can even charge more or even work in different places like Fiverr.

So after sometime when you get confident in your skills.

Say you can make 3-4 infographics a day and you can easily charge $400-$1000 per infographic.

It's $1200-$4000 per day and then you can hire more people and scale more and earn more.

Earning Potential= 6-7 Figures per year 

Initially Required= $100

5. Kindle And Physical Books

Work from home jobs

It is the best opportunity for someone that wants to build a passive income model.

Companies like Amazon are like giving the best opportunity possible to anyone and everyone.

Amazon is the No.1 company on the planet earth and has got a huge share of customers that have got there credit cards saved in their official app.

So there are millions and millions of people that visit amazon to buy something.

If you can take advantage of this and publish a kindle book on Amazon, you can get paid each time a person pays.

There are a lot of people that love to read and listen to physical and audiobooks and reading books through kindle is the future.

Through books, you can build 3 different types of passive income:

- From Kindle e-books for kindle.

- From Physical books.

- From Audiobooks.

Once you publish a few books and get them ranked in the amazon search engine, you can literally change your life around in just 1 year.

Amazon usually pays by PayPal or your payment will be paid by cheque by the end of each month.

And this is something that you can do even without even a degree!

How much I can make and the bigger picture?

This is something that somewhat requires you to have some paying capacity initially and you an even start this side hustle in part-time or full-time or even on the weekends.

I have seen people making huge chunks of money but it initially requires some work to put in.

Once you start to get popular from your books, you can become a very powerful author and there are various other ways to scale this thing so,

The Earning Potential[All Combined]= 5-8 Figures per year.

Initially Required= $1000

6. Motivational Speaker

Work from home jobs

Being a motivational speaker is nearly not as difficult as people think it is!

And it is one of the highest-paid professions in which you can get paid millions in a month down the road.

All you have to do is get your confidence up for which you can join toastmasters[optional].

Or directly start to go to your nearby motivational events and connect with people.

You can get yourself some motivational stories ready and practice speaking within your family so that you can get comfortable at putting your talk ahead.

Then you can meet new people from and speak on stage and you can charge very well for an hour.

If you want to go this route, you can look at this total guide that will tell you exactly what you have to do to become a motivational speaker from scratch.

How To Become a Motivational Speaker From Scratch

Everyone got something to talk and everyone has got their life experiences, the point is of going ahead and doing something about it is all that matters.

How much I can earn and the bigger picture?

You can charge anywhere from $1000 for 1 session just initially and after you get your connections up and people start to know you then you can really scale up.

After you get good at your skills, you can make:

The Earning Potential= 7-8 Figures per year

Initially Required= Nominal fees for Toastmasters, Traveling expenses and some time!

7. Amazon FBA

Work From Home Jobs

So FBA stands for fulfillment by Amazon.

Basically, it is a really amazing opportunity program given to us by Amazon in which Amazon literally says you come up with your product and we here will handle all your warehousing and shipping.

Times have gone back where people need to have a ton of initial investment from big investors and huge warehouses made up specifically for the business.

But now as time is passing by, more and more people are building big brands with the lowest initial capital needed to start in the history, Period!

You source a product from your local city or anywhere even from china and list that on Amazon and can sell that to the huge audience of Amazon, Globally!

After someone orders, the product and the whole shipping is on amazon.

How much I can earn and the bigger picture?

You can try with listing a few products and when that pop off ground.

So the money that you will get, invest that again in and list another product.

After sometime when you do this same process a couple of times, you will have a lot of different passive income sources paying you month by month.

This is something that is one of the highest paying and can be done from home!

Earning Potential= 6-8 Figure per year

Capital Required= $4000+

8. Online Courses

Work From Home Jobs

Now, this is some next-level stuff!

I explain here in a moment why?

So if you are good at something that you can teach it to someone that can be anything!

As long as it relevant and helping people in any way, shape or form.

You can create your own little course on various websites like Udemy, skillshare with your own little price tag.

It doesn't take much time to make one and if it does, just remember that you are creating something that will there to support you from many years to come.

Make the course anywhere between 1 hour to as long as you wish...

How much money I can make and the bigger picture?

This is something with which you can reach huge numbers!

So let's say you have a course that is helpful and you priced it at $99.9 so that is what you will get per sale.

If you can promote it and get 10 sales a day, it's like $1000+ per day.

Heck if it takes you 3-4 months to get to 10 sales per day, you still be setting up a benchmark to support yourself.

The Earning Potential= 5-9 Figures per year

Initially Required= $500

9. Youtube

Work from home jobs

This is something that I suggest you can start part-time in the background.

Basically, you can earn money from Adsense which is a make money online program from Google.

Anybody can start to create videos and actually, it doesn't require any selling and it is proven to work if you can be a little consistent enough.

Now you are thinking, what videos should I make?

Anything you are good at! Just pick your phone on which you may be reading this article and start to record a little video of yourself.

You can create anything as if you are a senior, you can post your life experiences.
You can share any story of yours.

If you are a kid, you can start a vlogging channel and just post it.

Whatever you are good at, just start to make content around it!

If you are good at cooking, singing, dancing, entertaining, traveling, motivation, self-help, fitness, technology, memes, etc Anything!

Just pick up your phone and start creating content.

Sometimes after when you have some attraction going on and people watching your videos, you can monetize your channel and make a lot of money off of a single channel.

How much money I can make and the bigger picture?

You can launch your own clothing line where you can launch your own style of clothes and sell them to your huge audience.

You can get sponsorships like people will pay you thousands and thousands of Dollars just to add a 30-second clip of their in your video anywhere.

You can make your own online store.

You can do a lot after you have got an audience and things start to roll when you take the first step.

Keep this in mind that these numbers are not achievable with AdSense only, a lot of different monetizations come into play as I mentioned.

The Earning Potential= 5-9 Figures per year

Initially Required= Zero

10. Proof Reader

Work from home jobs

A proofreader is someone who reads something in exchange for its time.

So there are a lot of businesses that publish their books and seriously require people that can read those books and find mistakes if any.

I do not say that you can make a killing out of reading books as you can only read so many books in certain hours of your time.

How much money I can make?

You can legitimately make around $25-$45 per hour over the internet and it is something that is for beginners also.

You do not need any training for this but you have to pass a simple exam over the internet and you can successfully become a proofreader.

The Bigger Picture:

You can set-up your own website which is extremely easy to make and I don't know why people stress over making a website.

You can rank your website with SEO and hire a few people that can proofread books while you can get unlimited amounts of orders from the internet.

As you are dealing with a huge quantity of people that are searching online.

The Bigger Picture Potential= 6-7 Figures per year

Bigger Picture Initially Require= $500

11. Affiliate Marketing

Work From Home Jobs

It is one of the best types of work that you can do to quit your 9-5!

There are a lot of success stories out there even 16-17-year-old kids making decent money with this type of work.

You basically do not own anything and you are just promoting other offers that people are selling.

In affiliate marketing, you get your own affiliate link and when someone buys from this link, you get the commissions.

Commissions can go as high as 80% which is huge!

How I can make money?

Say if you have one affiliate website that is set up and selling fitness products, it is running up online making you money without having any proper care of attention.

You can make like different websites in different niches and they will work for you 24/7 without you actually working on them.

The Bigger Picture:

There are various ways you can scale this up.

If you do not know anything about how you gonna promote this link, just make your free website online and do little SEO.

There are millions and millions of people that are searching online on Google.

You can go with this course that will like literally teach you hand by hand how you can make money with affiliate marketing.

From a complete total beginner newbie to advanced, a total training by super-affiliates itself.

Check out here- Total Affiliate Marketing Beginner To Advanced Course

The Bigger Picture= 7-8 Figure or even more per year[More websites = More money]

Initially Required= $100 or less for 1 year

Work from home jobs

12. Starting a Blog

I cannot emphasize this enough how simple it is setting up a blog online nowadays.

Initially, I was very skeptical when I was looking at different projects on how to start a blog like coding and everything.

Personally, I started out with this one when I made my first blog and it turned out the best decision ever.

And I now have different blogs in different niches making me money passively.

A blog is something on which you create content and just sleep and the next day create more content on top of that.

And keep making content day by day on some topic that you love to write or have more knowledge.
You can write a blog from anywhere on the internet from Mexico to Missouri, from anywhere in the world as you are working online.

And once it starts to get traffic[people], you can monetize with ads and a lot of different other stuff.

Having a blog just gives you the freedom to do anything after you publish an article by putting aside any time of the day.

How can I make money?

You only need hosting[online storage space] and a domain[.com or .net etc] and you can start to publish content online.

Even though you can also start free as I did when I do not have the money initially.

You can start by writing content 2 hours a day and after some time when your website starts to make money, you can even open different blogs in different niches.

The Bigger Picture:

It is all about having an audience and mostly half of the globe is online on the internet so this is clear that you have no shortage of people.

You can promote your kindle books, your Amazon products, your courses, etc.

So you can expect,

The Earning Potential= 5-9 figures per year

Initially Required= 2 Choices, either start for free or starting paid with $100.

Work from home jobs

Conclusion On Work From Home Jobs

My total conclusion would be that if you decide to go with any of these work from home jobs then do not get fixed in this mindset of paycheck to paycheck!

I do not want people reading my article and still working paycheck to paycheck and still be broke at the end of the month.

If you are doing something, make sure that it can help you down the road immensely.

And not like you did a job online and it got over after some and you still searching online work from home jobs.

If you have the money to invest, I highly recommend investing in a course that will guide the process along the way instead of figuring it all out yourself.

If you are working a 9-5 you hate or doing any side hustle, start to save money so that you can go with any of the opportunities that I mentioned in the list above.

If you are somewhat new to making money online and do not know how you can work from home?

Then I recommend getting into this course that I have personally taken when starting out and it benefitted me a lot in making money online and working from home.

It's a totally free course that anyone can join.

Check here- Online Marketing 1O1[Course]

Share this to make the effort worth.


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