Stay At Home Jobs: How To Make Money From Home Online

So you looking for stay at home jobs?

You have arrived at the right place because in this article I will tell you 15+ work and stay at home jobs.

These are all legitimate and the best working for home jobs that can be done part-time or full time as you wish and pay really well.

So without wasting much time in the introduction, let me share with you the top work opportunities that can be done from home.

Stay at Home Jobs

List of Best Stay At Home Jobs

Do not try to jump on them all at once rather I recommend first get to know what you are required to do in the job.

And then pick one or two that you can see opportunity in and then jump on them on full throttle.

I see a lot of people getting so overwhelmed by so many opportunities from variety stay at home jobs that they do nothing!

So do not make that mistake, let's Go:

1. Kindle Publishing[Amazon]

Kindle publishing is one of the good-paying jobs that can be done from home.

Things have changed so do the people!

Times have gone when each and every person go to the library to read books.

As more and more people are getting online, people are reading books in just their smartphones and kindle devices.

It is where you come into the picture as a kindle publisher to make money.

How does it work and how I can make the money?

Companies like Amazon have the biggest marketplaces where millions and millions of people hanging out per day.

If someone is on amazon, they are not just there to take a look, they are there to buy.

You publish some kindle books on the Amazon Kindle platform.

It is the easiest to stay at home job where you do not have to do not need any shipping, customs charges, extra monthly expenses, etc.

Usually, these books are cheap like $2.99 or $5.99.

You do not have to pay to start, just make a small book or get some made, publish the same on the Amazon platform, share some on the social media.

The MAGIC happens when your book starts to get in front of big numbers of Amazon customers and start to rank in the search.

You can easily expect anywhere around 5 figure income just by working from home with Amazon with literally no start-up fees what-so-ever!

Stay at home jobs

2. Drop-Shipping

One another good working and staying at home job where you do not need to own anything which is very flexible to start for moms, kids, anyone from home who just has a phone or laptop with an internet connection.

How does it work and How can I make money?

Dropshipping is basically when you yourself do not own any product but rather you are just transferring the customer orders to the retailer.

You just have to open your online store which can be opened in few moments then,

You have to list some pictures of the product that someone[your supplier] is selling.

Then start driving people to that store with the help of Facebook. or any other traffic.

You didn't own anything, you just get the people to the online store. Whenever someone orders a product, your retailer will directly ship the product to the consumer.

The MAGIC happens when you get your hands clear with marketing the online store with advertising.

You can make anywhere around 5 figures to well over 8 figures easily after some practice and doing the same thing again.

Stay at home jobs

3. Freelance Writing

Writing is something that can be done by anyone and writing in your free time and getting paid is the best thing.

How does it work and how can I make the money?

There are a lot of websites out there on which you can register yourself like Fiverr.

Whenever you get the order to write something on a particular topic, write it!

This is an actual work in which you will get the money directly in your bank account immediately without any delay.

You can get anywhere from $10-$35 as a beginner and you can actually scale this up really quickly after some time.

You can hire more writers under you and who knows? Maybe build a big writing corporation down the road as anything is possible!

Stay at home jobs

4. Voice-over Creator

A voice-over creator is someone who just speaks a written document and records it in the form of audio.

And there are a lot of companies out there or even YouTube creators that require people that can do this for them while they can do other tasks.

It is kind of a job that does not require any degree and totally home-based.

How does it work and How can I make the money?

There are multiple ways you can make money doing voice overs.

You can either work directly with companies for a long term project.

Companies can give you employment anywhere from $20 minimum per hour to a couple of hundreds per hour!


You can directly go to freelance websites like Upwork and can make a few thousand per month that way.

5. Part-Time Promoter[Any-kind]

A promoter can be looked at in many angles like party promoter, club promoter, etc.

But here I'm talking about stay at home jobs doing book promotions.

How does it work and how I can make the money?

There are a lot of people that publish books through different publications and for their marketing purposes they need some promoters.

It is where you come into the picture and you can actually make well 5-6 figures doing promotion in the part-time and I have seen people doing this.

Book promotions: There are a lot of directories in which people submit their books for marketing. If you can submit their books in this list of directories and some other promotional stuff. You can easily make $15-$70 per hour depending on the promotion you do like posting on social media, groups, forums, etc.

Club promotions: Get people to enter the club that you recommend and you can make a lot of money just doing a party with your best friends at the best place.

6. Social Media Manager

Are you someone who likes to spend a lot of time online and sharing pictures online then this is something that you can do.

How does this work and how I can make money?

There are companies out there that require people to handle their social media handles.

If you can post a few times here n there some posts like some motivational quotes or just something related to their business.

It can be anything just relating to them and their following.

These are virtual jobs that allow you to work by staying at your home and working on your laptop.

You can make $30 per hour just by posting links and few posts online and can make 5 figures easily this way in just part-time.

Stay at home jobs

7. Proofreader

Reading books and finding mistakes is all that takes to make you 50k to 75k in NYC just by working from home online.

How do this works and how I can make money?

There are literally thousands and thousands and thousands more that are well developed in online marketing and publishing books just by understanding how to make money online.

So these people need people that can find mistakes in the books they publish.

You can make a minimum of $15-$45 per hour and can offer services online on different websites.
Or you can also get into contracts with the big companies and can charge even more.

stay at home jobs

8. Amazon FBA 

Times are gone when people sell products locally and only get a limited number of customers.

Amazon FBA[Fulfilled by Amazon] is a program gives the opportunity to regular people to sell online to millions of customers of Amazon.

How this work and how I can make money?

Research and pick a product that has a demand and source that product from china and sell it on Amazon.

Now I really do not say that you pick a cheap product with cheap quality because it is cheap. 

Find a good supplier if you can find a good deal and launch your product on Amazon and then another and then another one!

The list goes on and on and as much as you like to expand.

You can make around 5 to 8 figures just by flipping quality products on the Amazon website customers.

There are various ways to scale and it can be very profitable down the road.

Source- Theycallmehoz

9. Facebook Marketer

Facebook marketer is someone who does basic advertisements on behalf of the company.

How does it work and how can I make the money?

It is something that you can treat it as a 2nd job which only requires 2-3 hours per day in the part-time and can be done from anywhere whether you are from Mexico, Missouri, anywhere, etc

As long as you have an internet connection and run ads on Facebook for the company.

You do not have to own anything, all the expenses of the ads will be paid by the company.

You just have to generate leads for their business and companies are crazy to pay a lot and can go up to 6 figures just by doing stay at home jobs like this!

10. Freelance Website Building

It is also something that you can do a killing off of building websites for people.

Some websites require coding and others don't but people pay immensely just to build a website property online.

A lot of companies or even startups that are new in the market require people to build their websites.

How does it work and how I can make money?

If you know how to build a website then look around facebook especially in groups that want people to build their websites.

And based on the website project, you can earn $100 or even $500 per website project.

And if you know how to code and someone wants a really well high-quality website built with professionality then you can charge even higher.

I have seen people making max. $30k per website and having an online business is very essential nowadays.

11. Transcribe

Transcription is converting an audio file into text form.

How does it work and how I can make money?

There are a lot of companies out there that need people that can transcribe large audio files into text form.

To get started with this, you first need to pass a test on various transcription websites and then after some time if you pass it.

You will get the official job for transcription.

It usually takes 5-6 hours of constantly listening to an audio of 1 hour and write it in a text form for 1 project.

You can expect around $15 initially and it can go up as your work gets improved in quality with least mistakes. Plus you get initially immediate hire work.

Stay at home jobs

12. Life Coach

If you are good at guiding and understanding people then you can go in this way. Helping people is the best way to make money and you are absolutely doing that.

How it works and how can I make the money?

So first you basically need to look at yourself that what exactly you wanna help people with like business, self-help, spirituality, weight loss, etc.

Then go and get in tune with a training program and get the certified credentials. After all, this is done, now you are ready to put yourself to receive money.

You can expect around $40k-$50k with less than a year of experience and slowly build on this.

Stay at home jobs

13. Graphic Designer

Hey, if you are really creative and good at drawing and editing good ads and making really compelling images then this is something definitely you can do.

How does it work and how I can make money?

Everyone who is online and has a social media account needs good graphic designers.

And now individual creators that are at home and market their business on Pinterest are the people you can get the easiest business.

It is not special that you cannot work without a degree, companies only need people that can just get the work done in time.

You can sell your graphic designing services over the internet legitimately.

Places like freelancing websites can be a beginning or working with companies or individual Pinterest creators is the right way.

You can expect around $60k per year in places like New York and can even offer in other countries as you are working online.

14. YouTube

YouTube is a platform where people watch videos and nearly everyone uses Youtube daily.

Even I also spend 3 hours minimum on YouTube to watch stuff mostly on self-help.

You can go with memes, unboxing tech, health and fitness, cooking, comedy, vlogging, style, dancing, gaming, education, life advice, etc.

You name it and it exists!

Stay at home jobs

How it works and how I can make money?

Just look at yourself what are your talents and what are you good at and after doing that just simply make a brand new YouTube channel online which only takes minutes.

There is no shortage of people on YouTube if you get and post videos consistent.

After sometime when your videos start to rank in the search, you can make money with the Google Adsense program.

The good thing is, even if you are sleeping at night, your video is still up and getting views which is true freedom.

So you are making money either way after putting in the work.

There is no limit on making money as people make from $1k to $100k per month with not only Google Adsense but sponsorship's and a bunch of more different streams come into the picture at a later point.

15.  Affiliate Marketing

Get paid just by promoting links. In my honest opinion, it is one of the best ways to make money by a stay at home job.

How does it work and how I can make money?

You basically do not particularly have to own anything of your own and it only requires 1-2 hours in a day to work part-time.

You can promote various products online on Facebook groups or even make your own website.

It is proven by many newbies that anyone can make six figures or even more within a year if you fully understand and learn how it basically works and the basics.

There are out there success stories people making even 8 figures with this type of business model.

You will receive money with PayPal or with a cheque after getting the offer promoted.

You can start free by learning how to make free affiliates websites online.

Or you can get started with Total affiliate marketing Beginner to Advanced Course if you have little money to invest in to jump start.

And learn directly by the people that are already super affiliates and making decent 8 figures.

Stay at home jobs

16. Blogging

Would you like to get cash for something you wrote online and continue to make you money then this is something with which you can go?

Blogging and affiliate marketing combined is how I got started with and I have got amazing results with both.

How does it work and how I can make money?

You can get started by making your free website online and writing about things that you are passionate about.

When you start to get some people on your website, you can make money with Google Adsense.
And the MAGIC is,

On Youtube you get paid based on 1000 views i.e. your ads will be shown to 1000 people and then you will make some.

Whereas, on the website, your ads get shown to each and every person instead of getting paid per 1000 view as in the case of Youtube.

So the amount of money in comparison would be like 10x more money with working on the website than Youtube.

But both Youtube and website have their own advantages like fame, etc.

Stay at home jobs

Final Thoughts on Stay At Home Jobs

It is truly a blessing when you make money by working from home on your own projects where there is no boss to take orders from.

Especially for people that are single moms, retirees, kids, teachers, and teens, etc there is no excuse for making money from the home in the modern times of the internet.

And even if still you can't find anything to work and still feel direction-less then I definitely recommend the way how I got started when I was also looking for ways to make money online.

I have personally taken this free course on how to make money online.

You can start from a compete scratch and learn along the way as the course guides you in a step by step manner.

Check here- Online Marketing 1O1[Course]

Share this to make the effort worth, that would be greatly appreciated.

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